Food and Beverage Industry Word of Mouth, Social Marketing, and Social CRM Solutions

Empower consumers with some innovative concoctions.

Word of Mouth is the #1 source for purchase referral for food and beverage brands. From premium spirits to paper juice boxes, from the four-star Michelin restaurant empire to popular fast food chains to your local grocer, Word of Mouth and social media are the key drivers of brand recommendation, loyalty, and new customer acquisition.

Whether you are a local ice cream shop, global beverage brand, fast-food franchise, organic baker with a new product launch, or Fortune 500 company with multiple food and beverage brands in your fold, Affinitive can help take your brand Beyond Community™.

Did You Know?

  • Consumers, on average, mention 7.6 food and dining brands and 7.2 beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) brands to friends per week. These are two of the most common consumption categories to be recommended and to have recommendations requested.

  • 46% of consumers collect information via online word of mouth recommendations about food and beverages in order to make purchase decisions.

  • 71% of influencers and 48% of the overall public turn to word of mouth for making food and dining purchase decisions.

  • 41% of consumers list "recommendations from friends/family/colleagues" as the most valuable source of information about products and brands.

  • 80% of consumers read other consumers' reviews and feedback about food and beverage brands online.

Customer Communities

Fully managed and integrated customer community marketing and technology solutions engage and ignite consumer passion, facilitate C-to-C and C-to-B conversation around your brand, generate and sustain buzz, and drive loyalty and repeat purchase. Learn more >>

Consumer Advisory Panels

Should our new peanut butter really be mixed with jelly... in the same jar? Will loyal consumers really appreciate your orange juice's new label and package design? Provide a "Walled Garden" for a select group of consumers and employees to share insight, exchange ideas, garner invaluable feedback, and help guide product development, marketing, PR, and loyalty initiatives. From segmentation and identification to messaging, management, and analysis, our Advisory Panel solutions facilitate optimum engagement and reporting. Learn more >>

Brand Ambassador Advocacy Programs

Exercise the passion of your consumers by empowering them to be your best advocates. Assemble, organize, empower, and inspire with a simple, streamlined online ambassador management solution. Spreading the word and amplifying word of mouth has never been so easy. Learn more >>

Social Applications

Have your cake and eat it, too. Provide portable tools and social applications such as widgets, Facebook applications, and iPhone/mobile apps that provide consumers with a fun experience and allow them to take marketing into their own hands to generate buzz and clearly communicate your brand message in innovative, memorable ways. Learn more >>

"Affinitive has given us the opportunity to leverage our brand assets to create a comprehensive platform that is bigger than the sum of its parts. They have engaged and excited our internal partners and created a platform to share our programs with consumers. There is nothing more exciting to me, as a marketer, than to see my brand positioning resonate in a such a tangible and measurable way."

Viral Promotions and Sweepstakes

Reach a mass audience through quick-hit, high-impact viral promotions that consumers will eat up and share, resulting in a high rate of successful consumer digestion. Learn more >>

Loyalty Programs

You don't need a keychain swipe card to measure and reward the loyalty of your customers. Implement a loyalty solution that reflects your brand positioning and provides for a streamlined, effective, innovative, and empowering consumer experience. Learn more >>

CRM and Legacy System Integration

Who is drinking your Kool-Aid™... and who isn't? How is engagement driving loyalty? Our enterprise word of mouth solutions can be integrated with the most sophisticated CRM and Business Intelligence platforms to provide a 360-degree view of your customers. Learn more >>

Offline/Online Event Integration

Generate an instantaneous "digital ripple" from your offline events to generate an instantaneous "digital ripple" by inspiring and empowering those in attendance to document and share their experiences via social and mobile tools that will spread virally across social networks and live on well beyond the lifespan of the events. Learn more >>

Social Network and Cohort Site Marketing

Reach your audience where they already connect and engage. Join, interact, and establish brand presence within "cohort sites". No matter what is in your cart, Affinitive has extensive experience developing and managing cohort site relationships. Learn more >>

Related Work and Case Studies

Major US Wine Company - Consumer Advocacy Program

Major US Wine Company Consumer Advocacy Program

Affinitive was tasked with developing a fun online social platform that encourages consumers to explore the brand's wines and foster engagement around the brand's positioning - the love of the great outdoors - while educating them about the brand and about the wine, with exclusive Q&A sessions with winemakers, and allowing them to share content. The consumer engagement platform has become an "anchor" of the brand's overall marketing mix, connecting the dots between various marketing, PR, consumer insights, and CRM initiatives. Contact us to learn more >>

Bacardi - Bacardi Live Tour

Bacardi Tour

Bacardi sought to create an instantaneous, consumer-generated "digital ripple" around several of their offline events and tours to help generate top-of-mind awareness. Affinitive, working in conjunction with our friends at Javelin, developed a framework to empower those in attendance to easily document and share their experiences via numerous mobile and social tools. Bacardi was able to monitor and measure participation and reach of consumers, as well as pre- and post-event online chatter.

Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta

Barilla Pasta sought to strengthen their existing brand image as well as reinforce their tradition and belief that the making - and enjoyment - of food is an art. "Test Kitchen" packages containing product samples and information about Barilla were sent out to consumers, who created dishes, hosted dinner parties, and uploaded photos of their dishes for other members to comment on, rate, and share. Feedback on consumers' pasta consumption habits, market research, and brand perception were also collected.

La Cense Beef - The Grass-fed Party

La Cense Beef

La Cense Beef wanted to reach, educate, and engage environmentally conscious consumers about their 100% grass-fed beef products and ranching methods. The Grass-fed Party social platform informed and educated consumers and influential foodie bloggers about industry trends, sustainable ranching, and the latest news on the grass-fed moo-vement. In addition to activating brand advocacy with existing customers, Affinitive executed a successful blogger outreach program that generated coverage from a number of popular foodie blogs.